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Writer, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, All kinds of roles, and in love with each one


You don’t get over it


You don’t give up wishing it

You survive


You keep going



You don’t stop crying

That is a lie

DON’T — lie to yourself


It is ok to keep crying

It is ok to one day just stop on your tracks and let the tears run down your face for what wasn’t

What couldn’t


Pretending that you are ok


Pretending that it is bad not to be ok

It is ok NOT to feel perfect

Happy all the time

It is ok to feel sad because it…

During these days when my words are quiet, but my soul is screaming.

The days when calm is on the horizon while deep in the flesh you are pouring blood and sweat.

The days when the eyes look beyond, they shed oceans of tears for something that wasn’t so.

The days of slow-moving and easy pacing, while your feet want to run a marathon of fear and disgust.

The days when questions are flying like birds, but answers are buried in the tombs of despair.

The days when faith is abundant while you question his responses.

During these days when…

Escrito: 1/23/2021

Traducido: 2/3/2021

Ella tiene muchos nombres

Para mi ella es guerrera

Para mi ella es fuerza

Para mi ella es poder

Para mi ella es fe

Para mi ella es la zona segura

Para mi ella es irrompible

Para mi ella es luz

Ella es mi sol durante el día

y la luna durante la noche

Para mí … ella es la vida misma

Ella es mi esperanza

Ella es mi deseo

Ella es mi confidente

Mi sueño

Mi guía

Ella es mi maestra

Ella levanta

Ella sostiene

Ella protege

Ella da

Ella toma

Ella ofrece

Ella ama


When you come I hate it, it feels like a thunder bursting in me

A war against nature, a prove that I’m not there yet

Prove that my insides are not ready yet, an inexplicable disillusionment

Inside of me, you flow, without regard to my wishes and my dreams

I hate it when you come; it shows that my dreams are not real and that you are in control

Your flow, your pain, your dirt.

I hate it when you come, my life stops, my goals are shattered, you erase my fantasy, my ambition to be once again in…


I survived the natural pushes of the waves

It rang through me like thunder from the rain

I Survived

It took me through a whirlwind wind

I went around and around

Up and down

And it kept pushing me back up into its middle turmoil

I Survived

The many rocks that went on top of me

I pushed them and kicked them

And threw my fists at them

I Survived

The walks with the veins that were pushed against my toes

As the roads became heavy, dark, no light, anywhere

I Survived

As my heart kept gushing for air

Kept trying to breathe through the debris

I Survived

I Survived


She has many names

To me she is the warrior

To me she is strength

To me she is power

To me she is faith

To me she is the safe zone

To me she is unbreakable

To me she is light

She is my sun during the day

and the moon during the night

To me….she is life itself

She is my hope

She is my wish

She is my confident

My dream

My guide

She is my teacher

She lifts

She holds

She protects

She gives

She takes

She offers

She loves

She is my voice

She is my sight

She is the one that holds my hand to walk in the dark

Some might call her intrusive

But she is usually the first phone call with the news

Some might say, she never understands

Others, she is the first one you call for advice

She might be the one that knows it all, but you think her ways are so long gone

Then she is the one you learn from

She is the one that you want to surpass and then she is the one you want to be like

She is the one you say you would never be like her, but she is the one you seek to imitate

She is the one that you scream at and hurt, but she is the one that will hug you without a reason for your mistake.

She is the one that will be mad for your actions but will forgive you without a word to initiate.

She is the one you never want to ask questions to, but she is the one with all the answers.

She is the last call telling you good night

and the first call in the morning to check if your eyes arise

Many of you will call her







To me

She is simply



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